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Fine tea is like fine wine, both are worth taking the time to savor, to learn about, and to share with friends.
The establishment of the Tea Promotion Center by ZeroToOne not only aims to promote tea culture, but also encourages and promotes the exposure of Hong Kongers to tea art. At the same time, we hope that the public can gradually integrate tea into their lives after understanding the characteristics of different types of tea.

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Through various courses, we hope to instill tea knowledge into participants. Not only does it provide the public with the opportunity to first come into contact with good tea and discover the joy of tea, but it also provides those who are interested in tea with another channel to absorb knowledge and further discover the beauty of tea.
「下馬逢佳客,攜壺傍小池」 It means "Meeting good friends on the road, carrying a teapot by a small pond."
Meeting good friends with good tea has always been a joyful thing from ancient times to the present, and it is also what ZeroToOne wants to promote.

Address 地址 :
Unit B2-6C, Xiqu Centre, No.88 Austin Road West, West Kowloon Cultural District, Kowloon, HK 香港九龍西九文化區柯士甸道88號戲曲中心地庫二層6C號舖